Staying overnight in Thorn

There is much to see, do and experience in Thorn. Not only is the historical town worth a visit, the surrounding nature reserves and the Maasplassen (lakes) are also a must-see. Staying the night in Thorn is therefore certainly no luxury. From atmospheric B&Bs to charming hotels, Thorn provides various options for a comfortable stay.


Hotels and B&Bs in Thorn

Thorn, also known as the white town, is a beautiful, historic town in the Maasgouw municipality. Thorn owes its nickname "the white town" to the characteristic white-painted facades of the historical buildings that adorn the town. Not only is the historical town more than worth a visit, the surroundings of Thorn are perfect for hiking and cycling trips, with the surrounding nature areas and the Maasplassen forming a beautiful backdrop. Plenty to see, do and experience in the white town. In Thorn, there are charming hotels and atmospheric B&Bs that can serve as a base for your visit to Thorn. 

Parc Maasresidence Thorn

On the banks of the Maasplas de Grote Hegge lies Parc Maasresidence Thorn. A new holiday park fully equipped with a promenade, a beach, a marina, a bowling alley and a swimming pool. The classic cottages of this park hide a modern, yet comfortable interior. Whether you come alone, or with a group of 20, Maasresidence Thorn welcomes everyone! It is an excellent place to stay during your visit to the white town of Thorn.