Wegberg in Germany

Wegberg in Duitsland

Discover Wegberg 

Discover the German town of Wegberg, which lies just across the border in the Maas-Swalm-Nette region. Be surprised by the beautiful mills that can be easily seen on foot or by bike. Wegberg consists of 40 city districts, has an area of approximately 84 km² and almost 30,000 inhabitants. The present name 'Wegberg' dates back to the 14th century. The town owes its name to its location on an old Roman road. In and around Wegberg there are several castle and fortress fortifications (motte), some still intact, some in ruins or only recognisable on the basis of changes in the terrain. These are the silent witnesses that show that the area around Wegberg was once a crossroads of war and robbery.

Mill City Wegberg

Wegberg has the name Mill City and is the gateway to National Park De Meinweg. In the only working oil mill in North Rhine-Westphalia with the mill museum the old craft is still practised. Guided tours in and around Wegberg can be booked via this page. Six of the fourteen historic water mills in and around the town have been lovingly restored in recent years and house a restaurant with a varied cuisine for all tastes. The Aldeberg motte is one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in the Rhineland. Next to it is the Raky pond, which is home to numerous animal species. 

Water mill in the German town of Wegberg

Hiking and biking in and around Wegberg

A junction system with signposted cycling and hiking trails leads you through the idyllic valley of mills. In a flat landscape, they easily show you the way and take you quickly to the tourist destinations. Three mill tours start in the town centre at the Wegberg Mill and take you along rivers and streams through a wooded area to the water mills. On the Wegberg mill tour, you will discover old oil and grain mills along romantic ponds and streams.

Man is riding his bicycle while dog is running alongside him

The Grenzlandring - once the fastest race track in the world

The Grenzlandring was built in 1939/1940 for strategic military reasons. It is a 9 km long ring road that gained international prestige in racing after the Second World War. The Grenzlandring was at that time the fastest race track in the world. After a serious accident in 1952, racing on this circuit ended abruptly. Nowadays the Grenzlandring serves as a normal ring road, but the structures of the old race track are still visible!

 Stock photo of asphalt on an oval race track

Golf in Wegberg

Wegberg has two 18-hole golf courses. Golf does not only mean fresh air and nature experience, but above all physical health and mental balance. You can tee off at Golfclub Schmitzhof in Wegberg-Merbeck and at Golfclub Wegberg-Wildenrath.

Golf ball on the edge of the hole

Events in Wegberg

Numerous events showcase a modern and living city. From the music spring to the cultural summer to the town and village fairs. There is an interesting programme for every age group. From mid-November, Rathausplatz with an ice-skating rink and a small Christmas market is an attraction and meeting place for young and old for seven weeks.

 Drummers make their way through the crowds during the Stadtfest in Wegberg


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 Information board in the German town of Wegberg