National Park De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg is located east of Roermond and is part of the German-Dutch Border Park Maas-Swalm Nette. The park is enclosed by Germany on three sides and covers an area of about 1,800 ha. De Meinweg has a terraced landscape unique to the Netherlands. The terraces are connected by three steep transitions with a total height difference of 50 metres. Across these terraces, two stream valleys have formed. In between are little fens, vast forests and heathlands.

The flora and fauna of De Meinweg

Due to the unique terraced landscape and different types of vegetation, all kinds of different animals live in National Park De Meinweg; including the adder. This is the only area in Limburg where the adder still lives! Besides vipers, you can also spot wild boars in De Meinweg. Together with the Veluwe, this is the only place in the Netherlands where these animals are allowed to live.

Wild Boar in De Meinweg

Hiking through De Meinweg

NP De Meinweg has a large network of hiking nodes. Connecting different nodes creates easily accessible walking routes along the most beautiful spots of De Meinweg. Discover the unique terraced landscape, the rich plant and animal life and the best places for a snack and a drink during one of the beautiful walks plotted by NP De Meinweg. 

Hiking routes through De Meinweg

Hiker rests on a bench in National Park De Meinweg

Cycling through National Park De Meinweg

Cycling through National Park De Meinweg is a great way to discover the area's beautiful nature. Whether you want to take a quiet bike ride or improve your cycling skills on the mountain bike routes, De Meinweg offers something for everyone. With a great diversity of flora and fauna, you will not easily get bored during your cycling trip through De Meinweg. So grab your bike and discover National Park De Meinweg!

Cycling routes in De Meinweg 

Bicycle in front of a Happiness sign in De Meinweg

You can of course walk and cycle in National Park De Meinweg, but there are also many excursions, guided tours and activities organised. The IVN guides let you discover the great biodiversity and the guide teams of VVV Roerdalen provide interesting cultural and nature excursions. There are also fun activities for children. For example, you can celebrate your children's party here or become a Junior Ranger! Two fun activities by VVV Roerdalen's guides are:

Children's theatre in De Meinweg

Active day out

De Meinweg is the perfect location for an active day out. Besides hiking and cycling, you can also enjoy mountain biking and horse riding. Thanks to the many sandy paths and hills, De Meinweg is the place to be. An extensive network of junctions allows you to create challenging mountain bike and riding routes. Make sure you only ride on the designated paths. For more information on horse riding in Limburg, go to

Father and children mountain biking on the Meinweg