Hiking in Weert

The municipality of Weert is the hiking community par excellence. Not only can you walk incredibly well in the city of Weert, the villages around Weert are also a pleasure to hike in. You hike through beautiful natural landscapes and past interesting sights. Thanks to a good network of footpaths, walking routes and signposting, hiking in Weert is highly recommended.


Cycling in Weert

Besides hiking, the municipality of Weert also offers excellent cycling opportunities. There are many, well-marked cycling routes which take you past the most beautiful spots and the nicest catering establishments. Cycle along the canal through beautiful nature and visit the most beautiful places in the city centre. Don't forget to stop at one of the outdoor cafés for a delicious drink during your bike ride through Weert.

Route network in the municipality of Weert

Via the hiking and cycling route network, you can enjoy cycling and hiking in the municipality of Weert. However, there are also numerous other routes criss-crossing the municipality. For instance, there are car and motorbike routes available. In the forests, you can enjoy mountain biking and for horse riders and drivers, there are several options for riding routes in the municipality of Weert.