City Walk: Weert De Kollergang

Length: 5.4 km. In earlier times there were no less than 8 city mills. Mills to grind grain. But also full mills, oil mills, saw mills, mills to grind bark.

Most of these mills disappeared in the 19th and 20th centuries. Demolished because these mills no longer had any function or broke down after they were severely damaged in a storm or thunderstorm.

Molenstichting Weerterland wants to keep alive the memory of the mills that were very important for the economic growth of Weert with this city walk along the disappeared city mills of Weert. At the places where the mills were located, the walker will find information boards with further details about these disappeared city mills and with a QR code for more information about the mill in question.

The leaflet can be picked up at VVV/ Bruna Weert.


Route: 5-10 km.
Route from A to A
Unmarked route

Contact and location

De Kollergang; stadswandeling langs de verdwenen Weerter Stadsmolens
Beekpoort 3
6001 HA