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What is the Liberation Route

Liberation Route Europe is an international memorial route that connects important milestones in modern European history. The route links the most important regions during the advance of the Western Allies from the south of England to the beaches of Normandy, the Belgian Ardennes, Brabant, Limburg, Arnhem, Nijmegen, the Hürtgenwald and Berlin. The route continues to the Polish city of Gdańsk, where almost two generations later a democratic revolution was started to end the separation from Europe.

The Liberation Route in Limburg is part of the Liberation Route Europe. Discover the complete Liberation Route Europe.

Liberation Route

What is the idea behind the Liberation Route?

The Liberation Route lets you experience what happened in 1944 and 1945 in the Netherlands and the German border region. At more than 100 locations in the wide surroundings, there are boulders with information panels, the so-called listening places. At each listening location, you can listen to a radio play about the impressive experiences of one or more people during the final years of the war. You can download the stories of those places for free via (also for mobile internet users).

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Do you want all the information of the Liberation Route Europe already on your smartphone?

Then download the Liberation Route Europe app! The app is available for iPhone and Android and provides instant access to storylines, landmarks, historical events, biographies and much more, including historical photos, narrated stories and videos.

Also watch the documentary about the biggest shipping disaster for inland navigation during the Second World War. The disaster took place in September 1944 in the inner port of Maasbracht in Limburg. The documentary: Maasbracht Shipyard (26 min).

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Back to the Spot

In Back to the Spot, primary school children go in search of traces and stories that the Second World War left behind in their own surroundings. Together with older people, the children of the time, they return to the place where life changed forever during the Second World War.

Watch all five episodes of Back to the Spot here

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Hiking trails

The Hiking trails of the Liberation Route Europe consist of an international network of hiking trails between London and Berlin in the footsteps of the Allies during the Second World War. In Limburg, a continuous route is being developed with the theme 'The Liberation of Limburg'. In addition, you can also take shorter detours in which local memories of the liberation of Limburg become visible.

Hiking trails