Lucky spot 26 Roerdalen: Montfort Castle

Enjoying a castle and its landscape Montfort Castle dates back to 1260 and for centuries was one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. An impressive castle ruin reminds us of this, of which two corner towers and several large cellars have been restored in recent years. A visitor's center has been set up here to tell the interesting history of this castle, its residents and the surrounding landscape.

In the 19th century a tower was built on the ruins: the octagonal Hunting Lodge. Thanks in part to many volunteers, the castle and castle gardens have been resurrected. The castle gardens are an oasis of peace. Discover the diversity of this French castle garden.

As a visitor, let yourself be surprised by the fascinating past of this region. Descend into the atmospheric eastern cellars from the 14th century, horror in the prison church in the White Tower. Enjoy the view from the castle towers or the castle terrace and discover on foot from Montfort Castle the beautiful estate Rozendaal, Schrevenhof and Reigersbroek. From 2017, a visit to Montfort Castle can also be perfectly combined with a walk through the castle garden, redesigned in classicist style.

750 years in a nutshell

Montfort Castle was built around 1260 by Hendrik van Gelre, prince-bishop of Liège and first lord of Montfort. After his violent death in 1285, the manor of Montfort became part of the county, later the duchy, of Gelre. Under Duke Reinoud II of Gelre (1326-1343) the importance of this castle grew. This made higher demands on the residential function, which led to an extensive renovation in 1342-1343. Until the end of the 15th century Montfort regularly served as a residence of the lord. Furthermore, the drossaard lived here, who, with 27 men, took care of the defense and the administration of the office of Montfort, an administrative district of the Gelre district. 

Because of the rise of the canon, Montfort Castle was expanded with fortifications in 1535-1536. Until after the Eighty Years' War it fulfilled a military role. In 1685-1686 the fortifications were demolished and the moats filled in. The remaining buildings remained the official residence of the drossaard, who had a large symmetrical garden complex laid out on the south side of the Huysdijk. 

Around 1780 the residential castle was also demolished, after which a ruin remained. Around 1850 a paper manufacturer from Roermond built an octagonal brick country house on the northeast corner. This Jachtslot was restored in 2005-2006. In 2011, a large medieval cellar complex was subsequently discovered, which was restored and made accessible to the public in 2015-2017 by the Stichting Kasteel Montfort.


The lucky spot is located opposite Castle Montfort, Huysdijk 4 Montfort. Parking is available at the castle. 

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Note: Castle Montfort is open from April 28 to September 30 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, each time from 10:00 to 17:00 (ticket office closes 16:15 hrs). On other days the gate will be open when there are enough visitors. The castle terrace can also be visited.


Contact and location

Geluksplek 26 Roerdalen: Kasteel Montfort
Huysdijk 4
6065 AX


De afstanden genoemd in onderstaande tegels zijn de afstanden vanaf de bovenstaande locatie.