Biketour: The International Meuse Cycle Route

The International Maas Cycle Route is a great challenge for the more or less experienced cyclist.

This route follows the banks of the river Maas. It starts at the source in the French Vosges and goes via Belgium to the Netherlands. From source to mouth, the Maas cycle route is about 1000 km long. This beautiful, varied route offers a varied landscape with cosy towns and Maas villages on both banks. But also cultural, historical and culinary there is plenty to enjoy from start to finish.

The route through the Netherlands
From the Maastricht hills to Maasbracht, the Maas meanders over shallow gravel banks, fast-flowing and virtually unnavigable. Shipping is missing on this stretch. Ships go via the Julianakanaal which runs parallel. The Maasplassen area near Roermond consists of many lakes dug for gravel extraction. Many have an open connection with the Maas. The flat landscape in Midden-Limburg flat landscape is pleasant to cycle through. Here you can catch your breath. There are many culinary possibilities and numerous historical sights. Shopping city Roermond with its world famous Designer Outlet Center has even more strong assets. Via the beautiful North Limburg Maasduinen landscape you enter the province of Noord-Brabant. The City of Den Bosch is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. it has a beautiful town hall and the St. John's Cathedral is also worth a visit. A visit to Den Bosch or 's-Hertogenbosch is not complete without having tasted a high-calorie Bossche Bol. Finally, in Zuid-Holland you'll find typical  Dutch landscapes with river dikes, but also the metropole Rotterdam. Finally, you reach the estuary of the river Maas at Hoek van Holland.

The complete International Maas Cycle Route package
Hi-Biking Experience offers a fully catered cycling package along the complete International Maas Cycle Route. On the latest speed bike you will experience the beauty of this cycle route at your own pace. A guide will accompany you and a bus will transport your luggage and provide technical support during this 1000 km long cycling tour. This way you won't miss out on all the beauty that 'Moeder' Maas has to offer.

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