Flora and fauna National Park De Meinweg 

Nameplate of National Park De Meinweg where a great diversity of flora and fauna can be found

The special flora and fauna of De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg is a special nature reserve where you, as a lover of flora and fauna, should definitely have been once. This beautiful nature reserve has a terraced landscape that is unique in the Netherlands and is known for its diversity of plant and animal species. With its moors, forests and special plant and animal species, the park has a lot to offer for nature lovers.

The flora of De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg is home to many different types of vegetation structures. For instance, you will find areas ranging from dry heaths to moist forests. Each area has its own species of plants and trees. The heather is characterised by the purple flowers of heather. Besides these heather species, you will also find peat moss and sundew. The forests include beech, oak and coniferous trees.

Purple heather flowers characterise the flora in De Meinweg National Park

The fauna of De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg is a special place in terms of fauna. Various species of mammals live in the park, such as roe deer, foxes, wild boars and pine marten. In addition, several species of amphibians and reptiles can be found in De Meinweg such as the adder, sand lizard, viviparous lizard, smooth snake, the moor frog, garlic toad and fin-legged newt. This shows that National Park De Meinweg is an excellent habitat for reptiles and amphibians and therefore unique in the Netherlands.

Male and female roe deer stand in a field

Wild boars

Wild boars are one of the most striking animal species in the park. In fact, National Park De Meinweg is one of only two areas in the Netherlands (the other being the Veluwe) where wild boars are allowed. The boars live in groups and are mostly active in the evening and night. You can spot them near mud pools, in which they like to wallow. The wild boar population in De Meinweg is growing steadily, which also results in more conflicts between humans and animals. It is therefore important to respect park rules and keep a sufficient distance.

Mama boar with her young grazing in De Meinweg

The adder

The adder (vipera berus) is the only venomous snake in the Netherlands and can be found in National Park De Meinweg. These reptiles mainly live in dry heathlands and can be recognised by their zigzag pattern on their backs. Although poisonous, they are not aggressive and will only bite if they feel threatened. It is therefore important to keep your distance and not provoke them. Spotting an adder in the park is a unique opportunity to see these beautiful animals up close.

Adder lies curled up on the ground