Cycling in Limburg

Cycling in Limburg

Limburg does not consist only of hills. Limburg has a heart for cyclists and you can therefore cycle very well in a flat landscape. One moment you cycle through wooded nature and the next moment you pass one of the typical Limburg villages.  Cycling in Limburg is not only a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the region, but it also offers a healthy and sustainable way to travel. In this region, you can lose yourself in the scenery while relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. The cross-border cycle route network in Limburg therefore scores no less than 4 stars according to the quality monitor of Fietsplatform. 

Cycling routes

Limburg is a popular destination for cyclists because of the extensive network of cycling routes set out in the region. From flat cycle paths through nature to picturesque villages and scenic landscapes. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just looking for a relaxing ride through the beautiful Limburg countryside, there are countless cycling routes to choose from in this region.

Cycling routes in Limburg

Bicycles are standing in front of a map showing the complete Meuse Cycle Route

Cycle route planner

Limburg has a very extensive cycle junction network. Using this junction system, you can easily plan your own route by means of numbered cycling junctions. Plan your cycling route quickly and easily with our cycling route planner. Simply put together your own route in the route planner, download the route to your phone or print it out and off you go! In addition to cycling routes, the route planner also contains the most beautiful cycling and mountain biking routes.

Cycle route planner

Sign of the cycle route network at cycle junction no. 5

Cycling holiday Limburg

Limburg is the perfect destination for a cycling holiday. The region's extensive cycling route network offers cyclists the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside for days on end. There are several cycling holiday packages available specially designed for those who want to enjoy a few days of cycling through the region. Discover the Big Five during a six day bike safari or go for a 5 day cultural tour along castles and stately homes. We take care of the trip, all you have to do is enjoy the ride!

Cycling holidays in Limburg

Two women cycle through nature during their cycling holiday in Limburg

Meuse cycle route Limburg

Discover Limburg along the Meuse while cycling. If you see a sign saying 'Welcome to the LF Maasroute' then you are at the start of a great cycling adventure with the Meuse as your companion. Where the Meuse flows into Limburg, the EuroVélo 19 international cycle route turns into the Meuse cycle route Limburg for 160 kilometres. The flat landscape is pleasant for cycling. Enjoy a well-earned rest at the ten Meuse artworks before continuing on your way through beautiful landscapes and unique nature formed by the Meuse.

Meuse cycle route Limburg

Family rests at the River Meuse artwork in Beesel, the Dragon Sword

E-biking in Limburg

You know what's even more fun than cycling in Limburg? E-biking in Limburg! Riding an electric bicycle makes pedalling a lot easier and allows you to cover longer distances. This way, you will enjoy the Limburg landscape and all the beauty to be found here even more. Discover the endless cycling routes through both Dutch and Belgian Limburg and find out why Limburg is one of the most popular cycling regions in the Netherlands. 

E-biking in Limburg

Electric bike stands on the stand with a setting sun in the background.