Biketour: Van Waes-kastelenfietsroute

6015 AD

Cycle route

The Van Waes-kastelenfietsroute is 59 kilometres long. This route starts at the car park Krekelbergplein in the centre of Neeritter.

The route is named after the noble family Van Waes. The last surviving family member was killed by a brutal decapitation. The beheading of Anna Salomé is not very well known. She lost her head as an alleged opponent of the French Revolution in 1794. It was said that she had helped enemies of the French Revolution. Others claimed that she had hidden jewellery and had been betrayed by her housekeeper. 

While cycling this route, you will pass various castles and monuments. At the description of some castles you can scan a QR code. With this QR code you will experience the unique story of the residents and the time in which they lived.


The distances mentioned below are the distances from the location above.

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