Blankwater 12
6071 NV

Area of natural beauty

Located on the south-east side of the Boukoul core, the Blankwater is a gradient-rich area with height differences of up to 30 metres.

What is Blankwater?

Originally it is a marshy area with fens and sparse grassland, after which it was used as an agricultural area for a long time. In 1997, in addition to the existing smaller ponds, two large ponds were created and nutrient-rich soil was scraped off to give the original flora a chance to develop again.

What will you find here?

The area is a great habitat for various amphibians including the rare natterjack toad and finned newt. The badger is also found in this area. Along the banks of the ponds, you can see various species of water birds. As the area is also very rich in dragonflies, the tree falcon has its hunting grounds here. On fine summer evenings, you can see the falcon above the water surface hunting dragonflies. In summer, you can sit quietly in Blankwater to watch the aquatic life. In winter, you can skate on the ponds. So Blankwater is worth visiting in any season. Blankwater is a beautiful area for walking and cycling. There are therefore several hiking and cycling trails through the area.


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