City walk Roermond:The Kapeller Kwartier

In en rond het Kapeller Kwartier
Parklaan 1
6045 BS

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 5.5 kilometers. This walking route takes you along the Kapeller Kwartier and through the green outskirts of the city of Roermond.

Seen from the center of Roermond, the Kapeller Kwartier lies at the end of the imposing Kapellerlaan and is home to four special pearls. The Kapel in 't Zand, The Old Churchyard (in Roermond "den Aje Kirkhaof"), The Kruiswegpark and De Kepelse Meule.
The green outskirts of the city surprise by the peace and space with the center of Roermond so close. 


Route: 5-10 km.
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