City Walk: Digital Van Horne Family Tour

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Take a digital city walk through the historic centre of Weert with your smartphone. From 2.6 or 2 kilometres

In 1568, Philips van Montmorency or Philips van Horne, as we shall call the Count, was beheaded together with the Count of Egmont on the Grand-Place in Brussels. 450 years later, the City Guides of Weert present a walk along places reminiscent of this turbulent time on the transition from the late Middle Ages to the New Age.

How does it work?
You walk this walk with your smartphone in your hand. You walk the route using GPS information and at various places you will get information by means of spoken text, photos and video about the history of Van Horne and the importance of Van Horne for the creation of Weert. 

The walk is part of the IZI travel application. Download this application on your smartphone.
You can already do this at home, or on the spot if you have Wi-Fi. Then search for the route "Van Horne Family Tour".

After downloading the walk, an internet connection on the way is no longer necessary. However, the GPS navigation must be switched on. For the time being, the walk is only available in Dutch.

Route: <5 km.
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