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Since 2019, the FEC Ketelfabriek has been located in Oostrum next to the Oude Ketelfabriek. This is an oasis of (indoor) activities and games for both young and old to have a great day.


In the Oude Ketelfabriek there are different types of escape rooms: normal escape rooms, rooms for children and Flash escape rooms where you only have half an hour to escape. In addition, you can compete with another team in the battleroom. This involves two teams going into two identical rooms. Who will escape faster? 


There are all kinds of fun games to play at the Ketelfabriek. Try your hand at curling or play footpool. With footpool you walk across the billiard table and play the balls away with your foot instead of a cue. Do you want even more of a challenge with a football? Then try the XXL dartboard. Show off your best football technique and score points by kicking the ball against the dartboard.

If football is not your thing, then go for a round of Flying Chicken or Cornhole. These make you feel as if you are at the fun fair. For the singers among us, there is also the possibility to sing karaoke. Curious about the rest of the activities? Check out the website.


After a day full of activities, you are guaranteed to be hungry and/or thirsty. You can relax and have a drink in the catering area. For large groups, there is the possibility to take a seat in the dining room for a buffet or a large arrangement. But small groups can also enjoy a good meal.

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Group activities Venray: Ketelfabriek

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