Hotel Maashof E-Chopper and bike rental

Hotel Maashof Venlo
Maashoflaan 1
5927 PV
E-choppers in front of Hotel Maashof's entrance
E-choppers in a row
Exuberant group on the road with the e-chopper
With the e-chopper along the Meuse
Group rides on e-chopper in autumn

Bicycle rental

Motorised vehicle rental

Imagine yourself to be a real biker for an afternoon or an entire day, riding an E-chopper! is super easy because of the unique cooperation between rental points in Venlo, Roermond and many other locations in Limburg. In short, renting an E-chopper is an ideal day out!

Enjoy Limburg on the E-Chopper

Hop on the E-chopper and discover all the winding paths, quaint villages or towns and all the sights to be found in the area from your rental location. To rent an E-chopper, you must have a car, moped or motorbike licence. Of course, you will set off safely with a certified helmet.

This is what you can expect:

  • Various rental locations in Limburg
  • Included route
  • A top speed of 25 km/h
  • A maximum range of 55 km.
  • Can be combined with various (group) arrangements

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