IJzeren Man walking route brown

Car park at Nature and environment centre
Geurtsvenweg 4
6006 SN
One of the little fens you walk past on the IJzeren Man walking route brown
Trail in the IJzeren Man walking route brown

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 1.5 km. The IJzeren Man walking route brown leads you along the small IJzeren Man fen and past beautiful nature passages. This route is also a nature learning path. Along the short route, there are a number of information boards telling more about the fauna and flora.

In the IJzeren Man hiking area, recreation and nature are intimately linked. Most of this versatile area consists of coniferous and deciduous forests, heathland, drifting dunes, streams and natural fens. Within the IJzeren man area, several shorter routes have been set out.

Surface: paved and unpaved roads.

Route: <5 km.
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