Liberation Route audio spot Ysselsteyn - Whether right or wrong, we are all human

Liberation Route Listening Spot - 203 Right or wrong, we are mostly human beings
Timmermannsweg 75
5813 AM

Liberation Route audio spot

The Liberation Route lets you experience what happened in 1944 and 1945 in the Netherlands and the German border region. At more than 20 locations in Limburg, there are Maas boulders with a Liberation Route audio spot.

Liberation Route audio spot in Ysselsteyn 

At each Liberation Route audio spot , you can listen to a radio play about the impressive experiences of one or more people during the last years of the war. In Ysselsteyn you can listen to the story about the German War Cemetery.

Whether right or wrong, we are all human

The only German war cemetery in the Netherlands was commissioned by the Dutch government in 1946. Nearly 32,000 war dead from World War II have found their final resting place here.

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