MTB Route: Weert part of the south loop - 35 km

MTB Route Weert deel van zuidlus - 34 km
Startlocatie: Voorhoeveweg 2
6006 SV

Mountainbike route

Length: 34 km.
This is a large part of the total south loop route of 42 km of the MTB route in Weert. You will pass through the Tungelerwallen, Crossmoor and in Belgium.

Surface: paved and unpaved roads. This route crosses an area around Weert where you will not encounter any human for miles and it takes you through the De Tungelerwallen nature reserve, the Crossmoor and Belgium. The route around Weert is a route with little difference in height, but still very nice and varied.

The route mostly follows existing unpaved paths through forests and meadows. The subsoil consists of sand or clay-like forest soil. The sand pieces are always heavy. In dry conditions the sand is loose, in wet conditions it sucks. This southern loop is mainly on wide paths. The roughest path of the route is just over the border in Belgium. About a kilometer and a half you cycle here on a bumpy path and then cycle on the asphalt towards the Netherlands. The natural environment is completely different here. All in all, the variation of the environment makes the route very varied.

Route: 25-35 km.
Route from A to A
Unmarked route


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