Nature Reserve: De Krang

De Krang
Hulsweg 2
6005 PL

Area of natural beauty

The Krang is a nature reserve directly southwest of Swartbroek.

This nature reserve is situated between the Leukerbeek in the north and the Tungelroyse Beek in the south, although there are also some areas on the other side of the streams.
It is owned by Natuurmonumenten and has an area of 301 ha. It consists of a core area: Roukespeel and Laagbroek. These are both peel pines: low-lying bowls in the middle of higher area. There are also a number of scattered parts, including the Kootspeel, the Secretarisbos, a somewhat drier forest on a higher part, and the Vogelbosje directly east of Weert.

Opposite Swartbroek is a small country estate forest with a number of older oaks.
The Krang consists of deciduous and coniferous forest, coppice, grassland and old bulbous fields. Because of the difference in height and humidity, there are many different species of plants and animals.
There are also several walks set out and there is a bird watcher from where you can spot various birds over a lake.

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