Nature Walk Roerdalen: De Meinweg - Rolvennenroute

De Meinweg: Rolvennenroute
Startlocatie: Parkeerplaats Meinweg
6075 NA
De Meinweg - Rolvennenroute

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 4 km. The route takes you through unpaved roads and forest trails as you walk through the woods and moors along the Rolvennen.

Route distances and Markings

The Rolvennenroute has two options: a length of 4 km or 5.5 km. You can follow the route via the Roerdalen walking network, paying attention to the white colored triangles on the network's posts.

Starting points of the route

Short route: Start at the parking lot at the railroad crossing, past Huttopia De Meinweg.
Long route: Start at the parking lot of Manege Venhof. The first 1.5 km of the route overlaps with the Paardengat route.
Discover the map of National Park De Meinweg-Leudal
The map of National Park De Meinweg-Leudal, including 27 routes, is available at various VVV locations and in the webshop. This map provides a handy overview of the area and helps you plan your adventurous walk on the Rolvennen route.

Route: <5 km.
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