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Picnic area
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information board

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On the border of the Belgian Bocholt and Weert, a picnic area was opened on Wednesday afternoon 23 March. The opening of this picnic spot is part of the project "Border Cases".


The picnic spot is at the location where the Weerterbeek or Bocholterbeek used to flow. This is a man-made canal from the late Middle Ages. During this time Weert grew into a city. This growth was too fast for the water supply, which could not keep up. Later on, a branch was dug in the higher Abeek.

Border post

At the picnic area, there are two information boards that tell you more about the area. There is also a reproduction of the plaque that was on the façade of the former border post. This border post has been demolished, but the contours have been fenced off with hedges.

Climate buffer

The picnic area is in the middle of climate buffer Wijffelterbroek, Kettingdijk and Smeetshof. A location with a rich history and beautiful nature. A lovely place to take a break during a walk in the nature reserve.


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