Recreational water Molenplas

Recreational water

The Molenplas is one of the last lakes in the Maas that was created by gravel extraction. The special thing about this lake is that the layout of the area has been thought through. Nature has developed rapidly here. There are beavers and birds such as the common tern and the little ringed plover.

The area around the Molenplas is called a struinge area. This means that you can walk everywhere, even off the paths. Dogs are allowed, provided they are on a leash. A gravel path has been laid out for people who do not like to walk through the recreational area. A lovely walking route that goes around the Molenplas is the Molenplas route - Premium walk (5.3 km).

When you walk through the area, you will come across tree circles. The first tree monument can already be seen from the Hompesche Mill. During the gravel extraction, oak trees that were buried under the Maas 1,500 years ago came to the surface. In memory of that time, these black trees have been left standing as a monument and landmark.

Furthermore, there is a viewing platform opposite a small pebble island that was realised by active request of volunteers. It is a platform with an information panel where you can look out for many species of water birds that use the area as a nesting and resting place.

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