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Livar - Limburgs Kloostervarken
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Livar Cloister Pigs

Regional Products

Meet the Livar pigs: Livar is not just some regular pork producer. The monks of Lilbosch Abbey are the great silent force behind the Livar concept. Together with the monks, Livar has found the right balance between respect for nature and profitability.

The Livar Pigs

At the Lilbosch Abbey in Echt, Limburg the cloister pigs live. The pig has been selected and developed for flavour. It has more intermuscular fat giving it more flavour than normal pork. The animals are heavier and are nearly one year old when they arrive at the butcher. The pigs are free-range and are fed with cereals that are cultivated in the abbey's fields.

Lilbosch Abbey

Thanks to this unique collaboration between the Livar herders and Lilbosch Abbey  the Livar pig roots about in the abbey gardens of the Cistercian cloister where the piebald pigs saunter in the gardens among the brothers in their black and white habits. Or the other way round. In any event definitely a cloister pig!