Walking route Kelpen-Oler

Wandelroute Kelpen-Oler
Grathemerweg 50
6037 RP
Canal Nederweert
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Canal Nederweert

Walking/hiking routes

Walking route 4 km. In Kelpen-Oler they leave the ''church in the middle''. Until the 1930s Kelpen and Oler were two separate hamlets. When the church was completed in 1936, it stood lonely between the two cores. The majority of today's admirers have settled around this church since then.

You start your tour on the square near the church (on the corner of the Kerkstraat) and walk towards junction 21 via the Grathemerweg to junction 22 Heideweg.

A green tunnel
Walking between fields, you reach the dike along the Wessem-Nederweert Canal. In the summer months, you will have the feeling here that you are walking through a tunnel of green. Despite the noise of the motorway, you can still hear that a number of birds have chosen this tunnel as their habitat.

Walk of fame
Back at junction 21, you come through the Kelpen-Olderen "Walk of Fame", the Oad-prinse-paedje. The tiles in the path list the names of a large number of carnival princes. You can see that Vic I in 1997, and Harry I in 1979, reigned in the kujeldreiers-riek.

Route: <5 km.
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