Suppingin Limburg

Feel like supping in Limburg? Discover nature and the water on a SUP-board. See below where you can SUP in Limburg.


Supping in Limburg

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle. But what is it exactly? Supping looks a little bit like surfing. You stand on a SUP-board and move forward with the help of a paddle. Because you move yourself forward you are not dependent on the wind. In Limburg you can relax and enjoy on the water on several locations.

SUP variants

Did you know that there are different types of SUPs? If you go paddling in the 'traditional' way, you stand upright on your SUP-board. Do you want to relax completely? Then SUP Yoga might be something for you. During SUP Yoga you do different exercises on the SUP-board. Do you want to try something new? Then choose for a SUP Bike. This is a SUP-board and bike in one. The ideal way to enjoy cruising on the water. 

Supping in Roermond

Are you in Roermond? Then we recommend going for a paddle in Roermond. Rent a SUP-board or take your own to the Maas or Maasplassen. The Maasplassen are the largest water sports area in the Netherlands. In short, the ideal place to go supping in Roermond.