Biketour: Lucky places of Roerdalen

Lucky places of Roerdalen
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Biketour: Lucky places of Roerdalen

Cycle route

Length: 66 km. This cycle route takes you through the municipality of Roerdalen, a quiet region in the middle of Limburg. The river Roer meanders through this landscape.

A Route Full of Happiness: Discover 26 Extras

As a cycling enthusiast, a scenic bike ride already makes you happy, but this route has something extra in store for you. Discover no fewer than 26 special locations along the route, known as Lucky Places. These spots have been specially selected because they are a source of happiness for the residents of Roerdalen. Take your time to absorb these places and let the happiness sink in.

Culinary Delight: Terraces and Delicious Flan

During your cycling tour you will pass through beautiful villages, where you can always find a cozy terrace. Let yourself be surprised by the hospitality while enjoying a fresh flan or an extensive lunch. Because besides beautiful nature and happy places, good food is also a source of happiness. Treat yourself to culinary delights and turn your bike ride into a tasty adventure.

Travel guide to happiness: Brochure available at the tourist office

Want to explore all the lucky locations along the route and learn more about their significance? Then get the special brochure "Travel Guide to Happiness" at one of the various tourist information offices. This comprehensive guide offers detailed descriptions of all 26 locations so you can make the most of your cycling experience and the happiness around you.

Note: An Adventurous Route with Unpaved Paths

Please note that this bike route is partly on unpaved trails. Prepare for an adventurous ride through nature and make sure you have the proper cycling equipment. The challenges of these trails are part of the unique experience this bike route offers. Be prepared and enjoy the adventure.

Discover Happiness on your Bicycle: Roerdalen Awaits!

Be enchanted by the beautiful nature, discover the lucky spots and enjoy the hospitality in the picturesque villages of Roerdalen. This bicycle route promises to be an unforgettable adventure. Get on your bike and discover the happiness that awaits you everywhere.

Route: 50-75 km.


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