German War Cemetery Ysselsteyn

Duitse Oorlogsbegraafplaats Ysselsteyn
Timmermannsweg 75
5813 AM
German War Cemetery Ysselsteyn a few graves
German War Cemetery Ysselsteyn view on the site
German War Cemetery Ysselsteyn tombe

Places of interest

War memorials

The Ysselsteyn war cemetery is the only German war cemetery in the Netherlands. The cemetery was established in 1947 by order of the Dutch government and covers an area of approximately 28 hectares. It contains the graves of more than 31,598 people. Almost all people here died during the Second World War, but there are also 87 war dead from the First World War.

Most of people that lay here are German soldiers who did their military service, but you will also find SS members and war criminals, Dutch collaborators, Wehrmacht volunteers from other countries and some civilians, including women and children.

Guided tour

The War Cemetery is open daily for visitors and accessible to wheelchair users. It is also possible to book a guided tour. During the tour you get an insight into the biographies of the war dead resting here and the interesting and complex history of this place is dealt with.

Visitor centre

Since 2021 there has also been a visitor centre offering practical information. In the new multimedia exhibition you can discover for yourself the stories behind the crosses. Using data visualisations, you can get an impressive insight into the characteristics of the cemetery and thus a unique look at the German side of the Second World War in the Netherlands. You can also search for fallen soldiers and their life stories in the database.

The exhibition is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00 and can be visited free of charge.


Liberation Route

The Liberation Route is an ever-expanding international memorial route that connects important milestones in modern European history. The War Cemetery in Ysselsteyn is one of these milestones. Here you will find a listening point where you can listen to the stories of this place on your phone.

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