Hike Vlodrop - Effeld

Hike Vlodrop - Effeld
Steinkirchener Str. 10
Vlodrop - Effeld
Vlodrop - Effeld waldsee

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Distance: 10 km, hike  Vlodrop - Effeld

Cross-border hiking route

Discover the rural countryside between Vlodrop, Herkenbosch and Effeld on this cross-border hike. Walk along the banks of the Ruhr River. Stroll along forest paths and marvel at the beautiful Effelder Waldsee and its surroundings.

happiness spots

Along the way, you will also pass three happiness spots. Happiness spots are special places designated by the residents of Roerdalen and Wassenberg. In total there are thirty-six special places with tips and assignments to increase your feeling of happiness.

Happiness spot 18: 'The Lounge Bench on the Roer' is a lounge bench in a hidden bend of the Roer. Here you can sit and enjoy the surroundings in peace. Enjoy the silence and the rippling water.

Happiness spot 17: "The Wheel of Fortune" is located at the Gitstappermolen. This water mill was built in the fourteenth century along the cleanest stream in the Netherlands: the Rode Beek. Take time to take a look inside.

Effelder Waldsee

The Effelder Waldsee is beautifully hidden among the woods and is a whopping forty-five acres in size. The lake was created by gravel extraction and is part of the idyllic Maas-Schwalm-Nette nature reserve. Near the lake is the beautiful village of Effeld. Known for its delicious asparagus. Happiness spot 7 at the Effelder Waldsee is the "Viewing Hut of Happiness. From the bird-watching hut at node 82, you can see bank swallows and kingfishers if you are lucky. The view of the lake is a panorama of happiness. Tip: bring binoculars.

To enjoy the walk even more, a visit to one of the restaurants along the route is highly recommended!

Route: 5-10 km.
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