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Expedition Steynfabriek experience with your friends the adventure of the British soldier in Limburg. Book now!

Go on Expedition Steynfabriek and explore the Meuse village of Buggenum in an original way! Delve into the story of the clay factory and discover the heroes who played an important role here. Did you know that there used to be British soldiers here? And that people still whisper that a soldier was found in the drying rooms? To this day, the village does not know who this soldier is... Wake up your nose and go and investigate!

During Expedition Steynfabriek you explore the area and collect all the clues and hints you need to answer that one question; "Who is this British soldier who was found here?

The activity is suitable for groups up to 20 people and takes about 2 hours. Perfect for a family day, a fun day out or as a teambuilding activity! 

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