Outdoor Escape Weert

Playing The Magic Portal from Outdoor Escape Weert
The escape suitcase to solve the puzzles of outdoor Escape Weert
Entering the correct code to escape
Puzzling using the tablet at Outdoor Escape Weert
You'll also need your phone to puzzle at Outdoor Escape Weert

Escape Room

Electronic Fun

At Outdoor Escape Weert, you go on a mission with the help of an Ipad and ActionPack! You'll walk a route of about 3 km through nature reserve De IJzeren Man or through the city centre of Weert. Together with your team, you will try to solve various challenging puzzles and assignments.

During an outdoor escape you, together with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. are going to set off. You will walk a route that takes you to the most beautiful places in Weert, but with a twist. You have a mission! To accomplish this mission you will be sent out with an Ipad and an ActionPack. You will complete various challenging assignments leading to your escape.

Outdoor Escape Weert offers various challenging games, with the unique element that they are all played outdoors! This creates a huge playing field where for every group, there is the perfect outdoor escape waiting for you! Curious about more?

"Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal.

In Operation Mindfall, you are going to save the world to find an antidote to free the world's groundwater from a virus and then stop the in the servers of "Spider Tech" the countdown that will activate the virus. You will get an Ipad per team with a case of gadgets you will need to solve the puzzles! Playable from ages 14 and up.

In Magic Portal, participants are going to find magic crystals to close the portal between our world and a world full of trolls, gnomes and earthmen to prevent mischief. Each team is given an Ipad and a special bag of gadgets to solve the puzzles to find the magic crystals and save the world!
This game is available in the normal version as well as a special kids version so that it is also suitable for children/families!

You can book an outdoor escape game in our beautiful recreational area or in the city center of Weert. If you choose the recreational area, you start at the location of Klimbos Weert and if you choose the city center, you start at Brasserie Antje of the Statie opposite the station!


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