Venray War Cemetery

Visit the historic Venray War Cemetery Military Cemetery. This cemetery contains 692 soldiers who died in the period from October 1944 to March 1945.

The majority were killed in the Venray area during the Battle of Overloon, part of Operation Aintree. Of the graves, there are 629 British servicemen, 22 Canadian, 5 New Zealand, 4 Australian, 1 Polish and 30 unidentified graves. A war correspondent is also buried there. On the field of honor is a Cross of Sacrifice made of Portland natural stone on which a bronze sword is attached. This cross is meant to commemorate all soldiers who died in the Netherlands but are still missing. One of the rooms in the gate also contains a book with all the names, ranks and grave locations of the fallen. In 2020 also Foundation Adoption Graves CWGC Venray War Cemetery was founded. This foundation offers interested parties the opportunity to adopt a grave at the cemetery in order to remember the servicemen and their stories. Discover a piece of history here.

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Militaire Begraafplaats van het Gemenebest
Hoenderstraat 99
5801 CJ


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