Mountain biking route plannerin Limburg 

Mountain Biker Route Planner in Limburg 

Limburg is one of the best regions in the Netherlands for mountain biking. With its rolling landscape, vast forests and picturesque villages, Limburg offers a great mix of challenging routes and breathtaking scenery.

With the mountain bike route planner you can use the most beautiful routes in Limburg.

Whether you want to cross through the countryside with a group or club on a Sunday morning, or train for a race on your own, the route planner will give you information about the most beautiful routes.

View all mountain bike routes in North and Central Limburg here.

Use mountain bike route planner

You can now choose to have the Points-Of-Interests appear on the map. To do this, choose one of the buttons below the map. (E.g. See and Do - Points of Interest)

Click on a red or black dot of your choice. This opens an information window about the route. The open button then gives an overall view of the route. The close button allows you to choose another route.

Then choose one of the options to determine what you want to do with the compiled route.

If you choose to email the link of the route, you will receive an email from Depending on your spam filter setting, it may also sporadically arrive in your junk mail.

Note: Once you have chosen a route, both buttons no longer appear at the top of the screen.