Beeselin the heart of Limburg 

Characteristic village of Beesel

The municipality of Beesel exemplifies Limburg’s congeniality. The village of Beesel is a characteristic village with monumental buildings and a charming market square surrounded by a number of bars, cafés and restaurants. Beesel exudes ancient traditions and the hospitality of its population. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of the local ceramics, a fine example of creativity.

Take part in the legend of St George and the dragon

The legend of St George and the dragon has been kept alive in Beesel since 1736. Once every seven years, the whole village becomes immersed in this ancient battle between good and evil. The dragon’s thrusts take shape in six imposing theatre productions. Come to Beesel and be amazed by its theatre, music, singing, fights, drama and humour! 

Varied range in Reuver and Offenbeek

Visit the villages of Reuver and Offenbeek with their diverse shops and friendly restaurants. The beautiful landscape between the various villages, which includes many chapels, wayside crosses and other picturesque monuments are waiting for your visit. Peace and quiet in the landscape: Meerlebroek and Beeselsbroek and the little hamlets of Ronckenstein and Rijkel can offer the most.