Weert in Limburg

A mural of the van Horne dynasty on a building in downtown Weert

Weert: where flan and adventure come together

Weert, located in central Limburg, is a municipality with over 50,000 inhabitants. The city of Weert forms the centre, surrounded by the villages of Stramproy, Laar, Altweerterheide, Tungelroy and Swartbroek. The municipality is characterised by its green character, with beautiful nature reserves and parks.

Looking for an unforgettable weekend or day out? Take a trip to Weert, where you can enjoy cosy terraces, unique sights and, of course, the famous Weerter vlaai (flan). Weert is inextricably linked with flan. Antje van de Statie, a local heroine, made this delicacy world-famous in the early 1900s. Her statue at the railway station is a tribute to her tireless efforts. Taste the authentic flavour of Weerter vlaai for yourself in one of the city's many restaurants and cafés.

Weert is bustling! Whether you like shopping in well-known shopbrands or unique boutiques, are interested in art and culture or prefer to go on an adventure, Weert has something for everyone.

A green region

Weert is not just a common municipality, but rightly a green pearl in Limburg. Weert owes this unique character to its vast natural areas, with woods, heathland, fens and stream valleys. One of the unique pearls of the municipality of Weert is GrensPark KempenBroek. Here you can go hiking, cycling or horse-riding and enjoy unspoilt nature.
(Photo: Rudi Van Beek)

Nature reserves in the municipality

Horses graze in the green surroundings of GrensPark KempenBroek

Street art in Weert

Wall-filling murals, colourful graffiti and creative street art tell the stories of Weert. From historical figures to contemporary heroes, each image has its own meaning. Dive into Weert's rich history with murals about Van Horne and the Second World War. Besides the street art in the city centre, there is also the Zuilen Kabinet, a stunning collection of colourful murals on the 27 concrete pillars of the Boshover Bridge. 

Read more about the unique Street Art

Mural of a little boy made by the father

Culinary delights

Weert is not only a municipality with a rich history and beautiful nature, but also a true culinary paradise. From Michelin-starred restaurants to cosy eateries and from classic French cuisine to trendy international dishes, there is plenty for every taste. Most restaurants work with fresh, local products, allowing you to enjoy the authentic flavours of Limburg!

Delicious dining

Chef turns pepper mill to season vegetables

Staying overnight in Weert

With a diverse range of accommodation options, you will always find a good place to complete your stay in the municipality of Weert. Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend away, an adventurous cycling holiday or a cosy family holiday at a holiday park, Weert has it all! Experience Limburg hospitality in a cosy B&B or choose luxury and comfort in one of the hotels in Weert.

Accommodation options

Woman stretches after just waking up

Cycling and hiking

The municipality of Weert in Limburg is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. There are various hiking and cycling routes in Weert, ranging from short rounds to long day trips. The routes are well-signposted and there are various information points where you can find out more about the area.

Cycle sign with junction signs in the municipality of Weert


The municipality of Weert has a lot of sights that take you through the history, culture and nature of this beautiful municipality. Delve into Weert's rich history dating back to the late Bronze Age from which remains of an urn field have been found. See the stately buildings on the Markt in Weert, the Gothic Sint-Martinus church or one of the many chapels in Stramproy and its surroundings. Also visit Museum W, a unique blend of history and modern architecture. Plenty to see, experience and learn!

Sights in Weert

The wooden pews and magnificent vaults of the Sint-Martinuskerk in Weert

Day out in Weert

Looking for a lovely day out in Limburg? Come to Weert! This cosy municipality is bursting with fun and unique activities. From culture and history to nature and adventure. There are plenty of activities suitable for young and old. Whether you are looking for a sporty day, a creative workshop or a pleasant afternoon of relaxation, you will find it all in the municipality of Weert!

Options for a fun day out!

Family is ready for a fun day out at De IJzeren Man recreation area in Weert

Weerter Fun Fair

The fun fair in Weert is one of the largest fairs in the Netherlands and the largest in the province of Limburg. The annual event stretches across seven squares in Weert's city centre.  Since a few years, a low-incentive fair has been organised one afternoon. This means no loud music and no bright lights. This way, everyone can enjoy the Weerter Fun Fair.

The Weerter Fun Fair

The carousel at the Weerter Fun Fair

Recreational area De IJzeren Man

Nature and recreation area De IJzeren Man is not only a beautiful nature reserve, you can also do all kinds of fun activities there. Whether you come here to enjoy the peace and quiet and all the beauty of nature, to take your horse for a ride or to race down the water-ski track in De IJzeren Man at 20 km per hour, recreational area De IJzeren Man is the place to be.

Nature and recreational area De IJzeren Man

Waterskier in action at De IJzeren Man waterskiing track in Weert

VVV Weert (tourist information)

There are VVV inspiration points in Weert, at Museum W and holiday park Weerterbergen. You can come to these inspiration points for all your questions about the municipality of Weert and the surrounding area. Here you can find information about sights, activities, restaurants and routes and buy cycling and walking maps.

VVV inspiration point Museum W
VVV inspiration point Weerterbergen

Entrance to Museum W and VVV inspiration point Weert