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Nature Walk Reuver: Tussen Grens en Schelkensbeek

Length: 9 km. The walking route Between Border and Schelkensbeek runs through the area between the Dutch-German border and the Schelkensbeek, which more or less forms the eastern boundary of the built-up area of Reuver-Offenbeek.

The site is the north-eastern part of the reclaimed area Meerlebroek. In earlier years the Meerlebroek was a swamp and wet heathland area that was used by the inhabitants of Beesel and Reuver as arable and pasture land. The wet area was mainly located along the edge of the high terrace where it was fed by seepage water. The areas in and along the route have been redesigned as nature in several places (Oude Bemden, Schelkensbeek, fish pond, Vuilbeek and Broeklaanplas).

The area is of historical value because of old border posts, bunkers and a Roman road. We walk along forests, fields and through nature reserves. The route goes over asphalted roads, paved paths and grass paths. The route is 9 km long with shortcuts to 6.8 or 4.8 km. Only the last abbreviation is accessible with a stroller. In damp weather waterproof shoes are recommended. Horeca is at the beginning and end of the walk.

Route: 5-10 km.
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Wandelroute Reuver: Tussen Grens en Schelkensbeek
Keulseweg 193
5953 HJ


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