Fishing licences in Limburg

vissen maasplassen limburg

Various fishing licences

Would you like to go fishing in the Maas or Maasplassen? Then you need to have the right fishing licence. 

Limburg licence (valid for 1 week)

With the Limburg permit you can fish for a week in the waters of Limburg (including Maasplassen, Meuse and Lateral Canal). The cost of the Limburg permit is € 17.50 p.p. per week. This permit is available at the various VVV stores in the region or through the webshop. Night fishing and/or fishing with three rods is only permitted when you are in possession of a valid VISpas, including night fishing and/or third rod permit. These can be ordered via

Fishing licence for Stevensweert

Fishing license of angling association De Snoek from Stevensweert, costs € 10,00 for one week and can be purchased at the Stevensweert tourist office. You may fish on:

  • Gravelgat Meersekamp;
  • Tracée Oude Maas canal (boat fishing allowed);
  • Gravelgat Teggerse Plas;
  • Plas Bilt (only boat fishing is allowed).

Permit river Roer

With a day permit you can fish on large parts of both banks of the Roer, from the Dutch border in Vlodrop to the bridge at the Maastrichterweg-Andersonweg in Roermond. Annual permits for the Roer are available to members of the four participating fishing associations (Ool-Herten, Herkenbosch, Vlodrop, Posterholt and Sint Oldilienberg) and cost €5.00. For non-members, day licenses can be purchased at VVV agency Schurenhof in Vlodrop. The costs are € 7.00 per day and € 15.00 per week. As of 2019, lead fishing is no longer allowed. At Schurenhof you can pick up an alternative. Or at one of the angling stores in the area.

Permit Thorn

At the Thorn branch you can buy a weekly permit from angling sports club 't Alfje. This costs € 2.00. You may fish on:

  • the Panheelderbeek, from Tramweg to the A2 Heel/Wessem;
  • the Thornerbeek;
  • the Itterbeek from the Belgian border to the Thornerbeek;
  • Pond Zegershof.

Permit River Swalm

The permit for fishing in the Swalm River is available at the VVV service point in Swalmen. An annual licence for senior citizens costs €47.00.  For children under 14 there is a youth permit. This costs €15 per year. Permits are issued immediately, after which you can start fishing. No weekly or daily permits are issued for the Swalm. 
Day licence Visvijvers de Wolfsboom Swalmen are available from VVV service point Swalmen/Van Heijster Kantoor and cost €6.00.


The VISpas allows you to fish in more than 90% of Dutch surface waters, according to the Joint List of Dutch Fish Waters.

The free VISplanner ( or app) is also legally valid.

Membership in the VISpas is for one year and runs from January 1 to December 31. The VISpas can be purchased at the VVV Roermond or via, both for adults and for children up to 14 years of age. 

The fine for fishing without (proper) written permission with one or two rods will be no less than €150.00 in 2023. When using more than 2 rods it is even € 330.00