centre of the white town of Thorn

ThornThe white town 

The history of Thorn: The white pearl

One of the pearls of Limburg is the white town of Thorn. The town is known for its striking white-painted houses, monumental buildings and authentic cobbled streets. The Abbey Church of Thorn towers high above the white houses.
For 800 years Thorn was a mini principality which was home to some 20 noble Stiftdames. The state had its own jurisdiction and minted its own currency.  With the arrival of the French in 1794 this came to an end. The French introduced a tax based on the size of the windows. More windows in the house meant a higher tax. The poor people bricked up the windows to reduce their tax burden.  To hide the "scars of poverty," the houses were whitewashed. 

Wijngaard Thorn

In the Museum Thorn you can learn all about the history of the white town.  One of the museum's masterpieces is the three-dimensional artwork  'Panorama Thorn'. The local tourist office is also located here.

Just outside Thorn is the Kapel Onder de Linden with its baroque interior. This chapel was built in 1673 as a devotion to Mary by order of one of the foundation ladies and can still be visited. It is open daily for prayer, the lighting of a candle or just to relax.

Interior chapel Onder de Linden


The area around the white town of Thorn is rich in nature. Enjoy the nature in nature reserve De Koningssteen. The area is one of the oldest nature development projects along the border Meuse, which forms the natural border with Belgium there. Galloway cattle and Konik horses contribute to a varied development of woods, thickets and grasslands in the area. Thorn is also a stone's throw from the Maasplassen and RivierPark Maasvallei. Thorn is also within easy reach of Belgium.  There are plenty of opportunities for cross-border walking and cycling.


Bridge Groot Heggerplas Thorn

Walking, cycling and boat trips in Thorn

Every third Sunday of the month you can take part in a themed walk led by a VVV guide. Guided tours for groups are also available throughout the year.
It is also possible to set off on your own with a city walk through Thorn, which is about 2 km long and takes you past 20 monuments and buildings.
The Maasstadjesfietsroute also runs through Thorn and also makes a trip to Belgium, total length approx. 47 km.
These routes can be purchased for € 1.00 via the webshop or in the VVV stores.
There are also round trips possible from Thorn through the beautiful Maasplassen area and the Grensmaas.
Walking and cycling maps according to the junction system and of the RivierPark Maasvallei are also available in the webshop.
For more information: VVV Thorn.

Terras Hoogstraat Thorn