MERU Vlodrop

MERU Vlodrop
Station 24
6063 NP
The elephants of the MERU
The main building of the MERU in Vlodrop
Happiness place 15 in the forest park of the MERU

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Since 1990, MERU (Maharishi European Research University) has been located in Vlodrop in the Meinweg Nature Park. About 250 people from many countries of the world reside on the MERU campus.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

In 1990 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of MERU, settled in Vlodrop with his scientific staff, and since then Maharishi European Research University has been the international center coordinating research and education and supervising major projects in the fields of spirituality, peace, education, natural health, organic agriculture, poverty alleviation, and architecture in accordance with the laws of nature.

Guided tour for groups

If you prefer to attend the guided tour with a group you can do so by appointment from Monday to Saturday. In consultation, some themes can be tailored to the interests of the group. The group tour lasts 1.5 hours including refreshments. There are costs for the group tour by appointment and these depend on the number of participants in the tour. 

MERU Forest Park

Near the Meru is a beautiful forest park where you can enjoy a nice walk. Immerse yourself in the spiritual silence of nature during the walk. Especially in early spring you can enjoy the beautiful rhododendrons that are in bloom. In the park is 'The Pavilion of the Forest Park' one of the 26 Lucky spots which can be found in the municipality of Roerdalen. The forest park is freely accessible.

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