Walking route: Heythuysen Along Culture and Grave Hills

Wandelroute Knopenlopen: Langs Cultuur en grafheuvels in Heythuysen
Dorpsstraat 1
6093 EA
Heythuysen Centre
Grafheuvels information sign
Cafe Heythuysen

Walking/hiking routes

Length 6,5 km. Walking through the centre of Leudal

This walk starts at the former town hall in the centre of Heythuysen and leads south and south-east through the village's outskirts, past the new town hall of Leudal, among others, back to the starting point. Here the character of the landscape is mainly determined by the Tungelroyse creek, which in recent decades has regained part of its natural meandering course.

At the beginning of the Leudal nature reserve, near Busjop, you will find a number of burial mounds from the Bronze and Iron Age. In the village there are still some buildings worth seeing, such as the Sint Nicolaaskerk and the Missiekapel, which nowadays serves as an exhibition space, and visible from the Tungelroyse beek, the convent of the White Fathers of Sint Charles, nowadays a care centre. The centre of Heythuysen offers you plenty of shopping pleasure and the many catering establishments with cosy terraces invite you to take a break or enjoy your walk.

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Route: 5-10 km.
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