War Museum Overloon


War Museum Overloon: War belongs in the museum!

War Museum Overloon

On May 10, 1940, German troops invaded the Netherlands. After a few days of fighting, the Netherlands surrenders. Five years of occupation follow. How does the German occupier behave and what does this mean for the population? Do you adapt, do you cooperate with the rulers or do you resist? And what happens to you if you are Jewish? Put yourself in the shoes of one of the eight people to experience the dilemmas of war. Then visit the main hall to see the enormous amount of military equipment that was needed to liberate the Netherlands.

Interesting for all ages

Special attention in the main hall is of course paid to the Battle of Overloon during the Liberation in 1944. The War Museum Overloon is also a monument to the fallen on this battlefield. The War Museum Overloon is interesting for all ages and even in bad weather worth a visit. In the museum café you can eat and drink and there is also a nice store.

A visit to the War Museum Overloon you will not soon forget!

Practical information

War Museum Overloon

Oorlogsmuseum Overloon
Museumpark 1
5825 AM

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