Roerdalen in Limburg

Wellbeing in Roerdalen

Come and be surprised by the prettiest spots in the municipality of Roerdalen, which comprises the villages of St. Odiliënberg, Melick, Herkenbosch, Posterholt, Vlodrop and Montfort. The municipality’s name comes from the River ‘de Roer’, the silver ribbon that flows through the beautiful landscape.

Nature in Roerdalen

The magnificent natural landscape, with its foremost icon the cross-border National Park De Meinweg, is what makes Roerdalen so unique. Here you will find a rich combination of extensive woods, heathland and river valleys where countless animal species have made their home.

Active in Roerdalen

There is plenty for active visitors to do: cycling, walking or horseback riding along a variety of routes following numbered intersections, some of which cross the border, canoeing, Nordic walking, ‘boerengolf’ with clubs shaped like clogs and large golf balls, or a visit to a playground.

Culture in Roerdalen

Roerdalen also has an interesting cultural history featuring castles, ruins, windmills and watermills, museums, archaeology and local history of the region. The 11th-century Basilica in St. Odiliënberg is very impressive. Why not visit the ruin of Montfort Castle too or the watermill De Gitstap in Vlodrop, or Aerwinkel Castle in Posterholt, which was designed by the famous architect, Pierre Cuypers. 

Local produce in Roerdalen

Taste the pure flavours of the south in the many local products produced in this region. Try Sjtekwórs, Beerkees or Knapkook. If you’ve never heard of them, let alone tasted them, we invite you to make your acquaintance with this local produce from Limburg.

Contact: Hart van Limburg Roerdalen