Experienceroute Roermond: archeology

Archeologische belevingsroute Roermond
Markt 17
6041 EL

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 2.1 km. Experience the exciting history of Roermond. Learn about the stories behind archaeological finds with the most modern technology. Come face-to-face with our virtual archaeologist and discover secrets that have been hidden under the ground so far.

The route starts at the historic circle in the middle of the Markt in Roermond. You will also end up at the Markt again. Along the way you will stop at 7 archaeological sites of the Archeo Route Limburg. Here you can experience the history and archeology of Roermond.
Download the Archeo Route Limburg app on your phone for this. Our virtual archaeologist will guide you through the story on location. You see how people lived in the time of the story. You hear a different story at each location, so you really get to know the history of Roermond. Finally, you discover a suitable object for the story that you can collect with the game ArcheoGo.
The Roermond experience route is fully integrated in the Archeo Route app. You therefore do not need any additional tools to complete the route with the app. If you do turn on your GPS, you will see exactly where you are on the route. Between the 7 Archeo Route Limburg locations you will be informed en route about various other historical or characteristic issues of Roermond.

More information

View or download the brochure about the Archeo Route Roermond. Click on the see and do button below the map. Then check Archeo location. Then you see the locations of archaeological sites on the route. Here you can download, share or print the route.

At the specified locations you can experience the stories behind the finds with the Archeoroute app.
The Roermond archaeological experience route is a modern walking route for young and old.

Also view the other Archeo Route Limburg locations.


The distances mentioned below are the distances from the location above.

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