Mind Mystery

Mind Mystery
Tienrayseweg 10c
5961 NL
Upside down house in the dark
Mind Mystery - entering upside down
Flying through the air in the talons of an eagle
Upside-down living room in Mind Mystery
The upside-down house of Mind Mystery


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Welcome in the mysterious world of Siebrandt, an extraordinairy inventor who once caused an explosion during one of his experiments that turned his house up side down. We have never heard from him since, but his house is still up side down in the Kasteelse Bossen in Horst.

Mind Mystery is an optical illusion theme park where you can learn all about the great artists, see holograms en all sorts of weird illusions. You can get lost in the mirror maze, loose gravity and play puzzels. You can be creative and make the most amazing illusion photo’s with your own phone. And of course you can visit Siebrandt’s house, where you won’t know what’s up and down anymore. Become the largest of the family or the smallest in the Ames room or take a look underground! More of this will provide you with an entertaining en mesmerizing morning or afternoon at Mind Mystery.

Please visit our website for opening hours en online tickets. In case you’re looking for visitor reviews, please have a look at TripAdvisor, Google en Facebook.

We advise to book your tickets online, in order to avoid disappointment on busy days.