Nature Walk: Mein Bomenkunstroute

Mein Bomenkunstroute
Meinweg 2
6075 NA
Nature Walk: Mein Bomenkunstroute

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The Mein Tree Art Route offers a unique experience where you can explore the beautiful nature and culture of National Park de Meinweg with your smartphone in hand. This special route consists of twenty wood artworks, made by the talented chainsaw artist Roel van Wijlick.

An encounter with the nature and culture of De Meinweg

During your walk you will be amazed by the beautiful sculptures that adorn your path. The works of art are made of wood and introduce you to the versatility and beauty of nature in this area. Admire the images of the viper and the wild boar, which symbolize the rich fauna of De Meinweg. In addition, historical elements are also discussed, such as the Iron Age, the Beatrix mine, the Iron Rhine and the smuggling past.

Download the IZI travel app for an interactive experience

To fully enjoy the Mein Bomenkunstroute, it is recommended to first download the free IZI-travel app. This app is available for Apple, Android and Windows platforms. Simply search for "Mein Bomenkunstroute" in the app and download the walk. From that moment on, you no longer need an internet connection during the hike, but make sure that your GPS navigation is switched on.

An unforgettable experience in the Dutch language

Please note that the Mein Bomenkunstroute is currently only available in Dutch. While you enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the works of art, you will receive valuable information via the app about the background of the nature and culture of De Meinweg along the way. Let yourself be carried away by the stories that each wood artwork tells and immerse yourself in its meaning.

Go on an adventure with the Mein Tree Art Route and be enchanted by the unique combination of nature and culture that De Meinweg National Park has to offer. Discover the twenty beautiful wood works of art and be surprised by the stories that bring these works to life. Download the IZI-travel app and get ready for an unforgettable experience full of wonder and discovery.

Route: 5-10 km.
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