Nature Walk: Wanjele door Haor

Wandelroute Wanjele door Häör
Kasteelstraat 9
6085 BH

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Length: 2.9 km. This walking tour introduces you to all the interesting facts of the village of Horn. You will pass beautiful cultural objects, through beautiful nature and cosy streets.

This walk starts at farmers terrace 'Bie Sien' in the courtyard of B&B Farmhouse fam Peters in Horn. Horn was an independent municipality until 1991, then part of the municipality of Haelen and now, since 2007, part of the municipality of Leudal.

You will pass the castle. All the buildings on this road belong to the castle, as you can see from the colours. This castle is inhabited and therefore not to be visited. The park, on the other hand, is freely accessible. The stables are still in their original state. You can take a look here if someone is present.

You will also pass by the Coöperatieve Stoomzuivelfabriek, St. Jozefschool and two mills. The Mill ''de Hoop'' can be visited without an appointment on Saturdays and Sundays when the miller is present. On these days, the mill is still regularly running for the Prince. If you would like to visit the Mill on another day, you can make a request via Heemkundevereniging Horn,

A fun fact: Directly after the war Horn still had 89 farms. In 2010 there are still 4 active farms and 3 of them can be found on Posthuisweg.

The route starts and ends at B&B farm fam. Peters in Horn.

Route: <5 km.
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