Walk in the forest park of the MERU

Station 24
6063 NP
Walk in the forest park of the MERU


Enjoy the spiritual silence of nature during a walk through the beautiful forest park of MERU in De Meinweg National Park.

Welcome to MERU Bospark

MERU Forest Park in De Meinweg National Park invites visitors to a beautiful walking experience surrounded by nature and spirituality. The park is part of the MERU complex (Maharishi European Research University), located at Station 24 in Vlodrop. Originally laid out at the time of the former Franciscan College of St. Louis, the park has been home to MERU since 1984. Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation and Vedic Knowledge movement, lived here from 1990. MERU Forest Park is also the world headquarters of this movement with millions of followers and is a place of spirituality and inner peace. Maharishi died in 2008, but his legacy and influence live on in this special forest park.


MERU Forest Park is open to visitors without restrictions. Admission is free, and the park is open daily. Here, people of all backgrounds and interests can enjoy the tranquil setting and unique atmosphere of spirituality.

Hiking experience

The Forest Park offers visitors the opportunity to hike in harmony with nature. Surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of National Park, hikers can enjoy relaxing walks along green paths and under the canopy of majestic trees. The natural beauty of the park invites reflection and contemplation, making it an ideal place.

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