Street Art & Murals Roermond

Street art & muralsRoermond

Street art and murals Roermond

Those who immerse themselves in the history of the city of Roermond can only come to one conclusion. The city where the famous designer and architect Pierre Cuypers used to live and work, has to have street art and murals. 

That is absolutely true, scattered through the historical city centre but also in the suburbs you can discover the most beautiful murals.

Culinary and murals

Be surprised by the interior and industrial art on display when dining at the Michelin-starred restaurant One in Roermond.

Murals bij restaurant One in Roermond

A Piece of Cheese?

On the water's edge near Area X's day beach, a Cheese Block just plops up on the greenery. The street art work is by Wessel and Stein Koning.

Mural of Kaasblokje bij dagstrand Area X de weerd Roermond

Graffiti punishable?

In the past, when you had the address Pollartstraat 7 in Roermond, everyone in your immediate surroundings knew that you were in prison or jail. Now, the former 'bollocks' of Roermond, Het Arresthuis, is an (inter)national award-winning hotel where, with a wink to the past, this mural was painted on the car park of the hotel.

Mural of street art  bij Arresthuis in Roermond

Spoken word

Brohlin Coumans (1996) is the artist who was allowed to write his text on the stairs of the library in Roermond. For the Roermond-based artist, who particularly immortalises his texts in songs and 'spoken word', this is an enormous honour. Brohlin is part of the Cultuurwerkplaats Roermond.

Street art en woordkunst van Brohlin Coumans Roermond

Roer-mond benches

Anyone coming to Roermond will undoubtedly want to take a selfie at one of the many benches in the shape of a red mouth. This street art was designed by Limburg artist Patrick Kusters and supports the project: Roermond-full-of-stories.

Street art Roer mond bankjes