Biketour: Nature Leudal

Length: 33.5 km. This route leads you through the countryside, past characteristic villages and the special nature in the Leudal. Along the way there are plenty of options for a stop for a snack or drink.

In the rural area you have a wide variety of agricultural companies. But this rural Leudal route also has plenty to offer for culture lovers. Think of the mills, watermills, museums and castles that pass along the way. The Leudal nature reserve has unique prehistoric urn fields and unique stream valleys along meandering rivers.

This rural route makes a circle in which you pass the beautiful town of Horn. From here it goes via the Exaten estate to Baexem and Heythuysen. Eventually you go back to Horn via the Leudal nature reserve.

Route: 25-35 km.
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Landelijk Leudal route
Kasteelweg 7
6095 ND