Nature Park De Meinweg

Nationaal Park De Meinweg
Meinweg 2
6075 NA

Area of natural beauty

National park De Meinweg is located east of Roermond, is enclosed on three sides by Germany and is part of the German-Dutch border park Maas-Swalm-Nette.De Meinweg is the only area where the viper still occurs,

Surface area and landscape

National Park De Meinweg covers an impressive area of about 1,800 hectares. This beautiful area is known for its varied landscape, where forests, heathland, fens and stream valleys come together and offer unique views.

Special flora and fauna

De Meinweg is home to a unique biodiversity and is the only area within Limburg where the adder still occurs. It is therefore not surprising that the adder occupies a prominent place in the logo of De Meinweg. You can also encounter wild boar, foxes, polecats, stone martens and ermines here. With as many as 110 bird species observed, including the majestic cranes, the park is also a paradise for bird lovers.

Explore on foot, by bicycle and on horseback

National Park De Meinweg offers several hiking trails, cycling routes and equestrian routes to explore the area. Whether you like to go out on foot, prefer cycling or prefer to explore the area on horseback, there is something for everyone. For more information about these routes, visit the various tourist information offices in the region.

Be enchanted by De Meinweg

Discover the beauty of National Park De Meinweg and be enchanted by the diverse natural beauty found here. The area offers 


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